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About Criminal Reviews

I’m a big fan of crime fiction and read a lot of it. A lot. I think it was all down to my degree in English Literature – after three years of reading great literature and applying the techniques of literary criticism, I suddenly found myself needing to read books with plot and no subtext and a story that actually went somewhere, and which were just plain enjoyable. Well, as it turned out, crime fiction wasn’t as simple as I thought. Some of it entirely fails to have a plot, some of it is simply brimming with subtext, some stories are infuriatingly unresolved. Some of it is even literature.

But I fell in love with the genre, literature and trash alike, and love the books. Enough that I want to share my opinions on them with people beyond my immediate family. So, Criminal Reviews was born.

One comment on “About Criminal Reviews

  1. Sounds very interesting. Crime/thriller is my genre, but I find manyof these novels disappointing, particularly their middle sections and endings. I think it may have something to do with stereotypes and contrived plots, plus the fact that some are badly writen. I like a thriller to fascinate and scare me.

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