Gillian Flynn – Gone Girl

Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl is a breakout success, so much so that she is apparently writing a screen version of it at the moment. I have read her debut novel, Sharp Objects, and found it a cynical and bleak thriller about broken people who break others (that is not a complaint, by the way!). I […]

A Captain Awkward glossary

Captain Awkward is my favourite blog right now, and it’s reaching heights of internet popularity that are awesome (because more people get to read the Captain and co-bloggers’ fantastic advice) but also mean that there’s a lot of newcomers to the blog who are wondering about Jedi hugs, evil bees and FEELINGSART. So here’s a […]

TV: Old World attitudes in the New (Old) World: Terra Nova

I had far too much to say about Terra Nova to fit into 140 characters, so I’ve resurrected this blog for a one-off TV review. It’s fair to say that I like dinosaurs. I like the BBC’s Walking With… series, I like all three of the Jurassic Park films (yes, even the third one – […]

Jonathan Kellerman – Evidence

It seems unfair that the first Jonathan Kellerman book I review should be Evidence, as I am a huge fan of Kellerman’s Alex Delaware series and this is not one of his best. I have been reading his books since I was a teenager, which goes to show you how long they have been around. […]

Tess Gerritsen – The Apprentice

The Apprentice is the second in Tess Gerritsen’s sequence of crime novels which started with The Surgeon. If you haven’t yet read The Surgeon, put The Apprentice down and go away and read it first. Then come back and read this review. Spoilers for The Surgeon below… proceed at your own risk! The Apprentice begins […]

Sophie Hannah – Little Face

Sophie Hannah is best known to me as a poet, but she is also a fine writer of psychological thrillers, if Little Face is anything to go by. Alice leaves her two-week-old baby daughter, Florence, with her husband David while she goes to the health club her strong-willed mother-in-law has made her join. She misses […]

Alex Barclay – Blood Runs Cold

This isn’t the book I’d choose to review to begin this blog. It’s simply the most recent book I’ve read (not counting the brilliant The Secret Scripture, which I am reading right now). I read Alex Barclay’s first book, Darkhouse, and found it disappointing. If I did read The Caller, her second novel, it didn’t […]